dwarfin fighter with no memory


fighter lvl 5/barbarian lvl 1
STR: 18
DEX: 16
CON: 20
INT: 8
CHA: 6
AC: 20
HP: 67+?
Fort: 10
Reflex: 5
will: 2
CMB: 10
CMD: 23
BAB: 6
Luck points: 2
main weapons: longsword(offhand) +2 longsword(mainhand) 2hander +2 warpstone halbert

Ranked skills:
5 appraise
7 climb
5 craft
7 intimidate
5 dungeoneering(+2 more if stone)
4 survival

1 attack vs goblins, orcs
+1 vs fear
+2 vs spells and spell like abilitys
Enrage: +4 str +4 con +2 will save -2 ac
power attack(if anounced)
4 damage -2 attack
fast movement +10 foot speed
armor training, -1 penalty +1 max dex
toughness +12 hp(at lvl 6)
+1 attack and damage with heavy blades
Dark vision
Flame hand: 1d6 fire damage on crit, last 1round per character lvl.

Hp dice rolls per lvl
1) 10
2) 2
3) 5
4) 3
5) 10
6) ?


Started out being found in a cave in a crate by the group of adventures. on the crate it said ozark so i have been calling myself that since. though recently i have been called the “Doom of Althak”(swamp keeper). As well as this stone arm i woke up with called “Arm of Bocnear”(roth). for a long time there was no sign of a past for me but recently i have had several visions as well as a disturbing discription of what i look like inside from my fello adventurers.

In my first vision what i saw what a giant golem attacking my fello dwarfs and them fighting agaisnt it. this giant figure though shaded has the same glowing marking that i have on this stone arm though seeming to be a curse has brought me great strength. now we have come to this temple on our destin path. the pictographs on the wall showing a differnt story before the war of my people building the golem and as it is destorying them a Winged figure comes from the sky destorying the fowl invention. the only part of it left its arm being throw in a volcano.

My insides show to the group was only described as a bio mechanical mess but i cant believe it i feel as though i am flesh not some stone monster..


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